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In Pursuit of Rest


In Pursuit of Rest

It has often been said that the average person needs approximately eight hours of rest. While we might assume this means sleep, studies suggest that there are, in fact, seven types of rest:

Physical Rest

This includes both active and passive rest. Passive rest means high-quality sleep and active rest means activities such as light exercise or stretching and massage to soothe physical pains and aches.

Mental Rest

Mental rest can be difficult to quantify as it can manifest in a racing mind overrun with thoughts and worries. Taking breaks as required can be useful to give your mind the rest it needs.

Spiritual Rest

Regardless of whether you are religious or not, all humans have a fundamental need to feel belong in a world that prioritises material things. Spiritual rest can be found in meditation or prayer, and getting involved in community projects. 

Emotional Rest

To experience emotional rest means to feel a level of contentment even if life is not going smoothly. 

Sensory Rest

In today’s technological world, there is a constant buzz from our phones and smart devices, not to mention constant fluorescent lights and scents. Taking a break from sensory overload can help soothe the mind.

Social Rest

While we all have different social needs, taking social rest doesn’t necessarily mean taking a step away from our friendships and relationships. Social rest can mean taking steps to ensure you are surrounded by healthy, meaningful relationships that support and uplift you.

Creative Rest

Whilst not everyone has the passion or talent for the arts, creative rest can also mean taking a break from the monotony of our day-to-day lives and being inspired by nature or appreciating the work of other artists, musicians, and other creatives.