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2022年12月, 青少年園地

Water the Bamboo


Even if you’re not from an East Asian background, the chances are, you have heard of bamboo.

The extraordinary plant is somewhat odd. It’s simultaneously strong and enduring but can be brittle. Its flowering cycle is anything between 40-50 years, yet it is one of the most prolific plants on the globe. It’s notoriously low in nutrients, but it makes up 99% of a panda’s diet.

Farmers specialising in caring for this plant have a unique system. They water the plant for three years in a row, even though there is no movement from the surface.

This unusual practise might seem pointless or frustrating, but it’s not until the fourth year that the farmer’s hard work finally pays off.

After years and months of no growth, the bamboo plant can shoot up almost 90 feet in just 60 days. 

How many people do you know who seem to have achieved overnight success? On the surface, success can seem like a towering bamboo plant, but in reality, it’s years and months of watering with no growth.

During these years, constant watering has set up the right environment for success. This period enables the bamboo plant to root itself deeply and take in the necessary nutrients it needs to grow strong.

Likewise, we can adapt this approach to our own lives. Water your dreams and ambitions and use this time to grow your roots and set a strong foundation. 

Just as the farmer diligently plants, we can also tend to our ambitions by dedicating our time and energy each day without being discouraged by the lack of visible growth.